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I haven't heard one thing that you have said. This whole time you were talking I was too busy picturing you dead.
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I've been thinking a lot about death lately. Not sure why. Maybe the reason is because there was a lot of birthdays this week and I'm realizing we are all aging whether we act like it or not. I want to get out of debt and have no worries and be able to live my life without caring about the consequences. I think a lot about growing older but how I don't really fear death. If anything I'm pretty anxious about finding out the meaning of life. But not too anxious.
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Ron Hextall tattoo on my foot at the end of April. It's coming.
and I also have an appointment with Danny to finish my arm on July 1st.

Flyers vs Devils tonight. I'll be there with 3 of the best friends I could ask for.
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    i set my friends on fire

keeping this public

A few things going on in my life in case you were wondering.

A) It is snowing a lot outside right now and I'm really excited about it 'cause I pretty much love the snow.
2) I'm done school at the end of the week. Kind of excited 'cause then I can work more and I don't have to get up at 7 every morning. Hahah.
3) I recently had to purchase a new computer 'cause my laptop has died. BUT thankfully I work at best buy and get a discount and shiiiiiit. Mini notebook 'cause they are the only thing left running on Windows XP. The keyboard is hella small but I'm getting used to it. 10 inch HD screen with a built in webcam and bluetooth I'll never use. Pretty much all I will be using is Rosetta Stone to learn every language and be a genius and downloading movies that aren't in theaters yet as well as every album ever made. 160Gb hard drive plus I got a 250Gb external hard drive for all my music and shit so my computer won't run like balls. It's like 5lbs and I'm pretty sure I can throw it about 50 yards. But it's pretty sweet.
D) It's still snowing and now the flakes are as big as grapes. I wish I had someone watching out the window with me. Oh well I know she's got like a foot more than we do in NY anyway.
5) I've been driving to New York every other weekend to visit my gf who is an ex-model doing data entry trying to get cake to come here and live with me and all my friends hahaha.
F) Got my foot tattooed. Wasn't as bad as my ribs or my elbow. First tattoo I've gotten in like a year. Need to make more money so that I can get more tattoos. I want to do a chest piece AFTER I finish my sleeve (about three hours left?) and my ribs (prob like 6+ hours left).
G) I've been listening to a lot of Dashboard Confessional and Cat Power for whatever reason.

I'm living life to the fullest I can. Working almost every day but not forgetting I have the best friends anyone can ask for. I (for the most part) go to Landmark some Thursdays and am either at Matt's or Rowan Friday and Saturday owning beer pong (from 6 cup to 21 cup). Going to Atlantic City as long as my winning streak keeps up haha.

I'm just moving on and trying not to think about the past four years.
Keeping my spirits high and my expectations low.
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